ACT Success Stories

ACT Success Stories

“My eyes opened. A new day to struggle through, wonderful! I sat in bed and slowly took stock of how I was feeling.I assessed that I could probably make it to the bathroom for a shower today without tiring myself out too much. “Oh, good grief! I’m so hot!” And yet the temperature in my room was a chilly 63 degrees. I slowly dragged myself out of bed. Every bone in my body ached, and my joints swore at me under the weight of my body. They protested every movement. My head was pounding. My migraine that started a few days ago still wasn’t gone. I’d had a headache for as long as I could remember. I didn’t know what it was like to not have a headache anymore. My eyes hurt. I didn’t want to keep them open, and just wanted to crawl back into bed. I made my way to the bathroom, a whole 25 feet in all. I undressed and carefully got myself into the shower, praying that I wouldn’t trip or that my strength wouldn’t give out under me. A broken bone was the last thing I needed. My head spun. Moving made me so dizzy. I showered as quickly as I could to get it over with, then wrapped myself in a towel and lay down on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. Sweet relief! After several minutes, I dragged myself back into my room and tried to force something into my stomach that I did not want to eat at all. I didn’t have the energy to digest anything. My organs hurt…all of them. I could feel things I didn’t even know I had. Finally, after reading to the point where my eyes hurt so badly I couldn’t take it, I drifted into the only relief I had, sweet, sweet sleep.

When you read that it sounds like an 80-year-old doesn’t it? You picture an elderly person struggling through their day, battling arthritis, and the consequences of old age. It’s not the picture of a seventeen-year-old girl is it? Two years ago, that was a typical day in my life. I didn’t know what to do. All my friends were enjoying their youth., while I was in bed, alone, save for the few visits from my mother to bring me food, and battling depression. Somehow I found the strength to attend a university for a year and a half, but the stress ended up doing me in, and I had to leave.

I tried everything, from antibiotics, to cleanses, to supplements, to counseling to help with the depression. Nothing worked. It took my mom a long time to convince me to try ACT. I just couldn’t believe that a jumble of letters and numbers would cure me. In the end, it wasn’t my mother who convinced me, but a family friend who had Lyme and had great success with ACT. On my last straw, afraid that I would end up hurting myself badly if not fatally, if I didn’t get help quickly, I called ACT office and signed up for a class in August of 2012.

It took a little bit to see any results. One day, I woke up and my headache was gone. Another, I didn’t ache quite as much. Another, I could eat. Another, I wasn’t dizzy. It was amazing. And after leaving school, with the stress of that gone, I rapidly got better. I could go outside without being overwhelmed by heat. I could hang out at night with my friends, and not be so exhausted that I needed to go to bed at 8. I could go out to eat with my fiancé, and not feel terrible the whole time. Soon, my symptoms were close to hitting zero, and I needed one last push to get me back to my old self. Gary did a spiritual session with me, which was one of the most amazing hours of my life. He was able to confirm and show me the things that I believed and knew, by affirming that my body knew the same things subconsciously. And then, the next week, my symptoms hit zero. It was an absolute miracle.

I am now going places with my family and sightseeing. I am working and going to school part time to earn my Certified Medical Assistant Certification, which I will get soon. I have so much energy, and I feel like a 20-year-old. It has been a painful journey, but ACT gave me my life back. ACT is an absolute gift from God, and I urge anyone who is struggling with Lyme to try ACT. It works. It took me under a year to get my life back. Don’t let your skepticism keep you from getting better. Though God’s mercy with ACT, you can get better. I am praying for all of you afflicted with Lyme. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can get there. Just try it. God bless you!” – Victoria Murray

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I struggled with Lyme Disease for 10 years. Some days were agonizing, while others were tolerable. I never felt “good.” I never felt healthy and I was always tired no matter how much sleep I would get. My body would ache and the cold New England weather would freeze me to the bone. I couldn’t do much more than work part-time and exist. The brain fog I experienced was not only scary but frustrating. I knew I was smart. I knew I had important and interesting things to say, but my body and brain would not cooperate, they were at war. My boyfriend was fed up with my loss of interest in doing anything fun or adventurous, and I was fed up with feeling like death was an okay option at times. Yes, the pain was that bad. 

For years, I listened to my doctor’s opinions and recommendations on lifestyle and treatment options, none of which provided me any relief. I started to do my own research on natural remedies, all of which seemed to be misleading and expensive. Somehow on my internet search I stumbled across Advanced Cell Training (ACT). It seemed like a scam to me at first. I thought it was just another company willing to take advantage of a sick and desperate person looking for relief.

Hopeless and willing to try just about anything to regain my life’s normalcy, I decided to call Paul Callahan at ACT and learn what this program is about. He was knowledgeable and charismatic, making me feel at ease, but still a tinge skeptical. I decided to sign up for the next Lyme class. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose. My progress was slow at first. Things would get better and then quickly regress. After about 2 months, I felt a shift in my life. A weight was being lifted and I could feel the disease becoming weaker with each treatment. About half way through my program, Gary Blier recommended that I do a spiritual session with him. It was a definite turning point in my recovery, things only improved from that point on.

I was going to write this letter weeks ago, but have been too wrapped up in an amazing 3-week cross-country road trip, something I never would have considered agreeing to a year ago. I have pushed my body to do things I couldn’t even do in high school (like climb mountains), I have energy like I did before I was ever bitten, and my brain function has been increasingly improving even after the program’s completion. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. They work with you and your individual needs both physically and spiritually. I not only gained faith in this treatment, but I was also given the gift of knowledge to the inner workings of this disease, and more importantly, why everything I had tried before failed me.

I cannot thank Gary and his team enough for putting me back into the driver’s seat of my life. When the disease controls you, it is easy to feel helpless. I can say proudly and confidently that I am not helpless; in fact I understand my body better than ever before.” – Samantha Avallone

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“I never really took the time to extend my profound gratitude to Advanced Cell Training for everything you’ve done for me. When I look back at the incredible suffering that I went through, and like many other people, had tried everything short of suicide to escape the prison of Lyme Disease – I found ACT, and my intuition was ringing alarm bells. At last, new hope that was more than just another random approach to get well, I KNEW there was something amazing about what they were doing.

I got into the Lyme teleconference class, and at the time it was all I could afford, yet incredibly affordable. My wife and I had just experienced a bankruptcy due to the illness and lost everything. I even lost her for a season. I’m not going to get into all the horrific and graphic degrees of suffering I went through, many people who find ACT have already laid these symptoms out, but what I am most grateful for is that Advanced Cell Training GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! I was given a jump-start towards a place of well-being again, which I would say was achieved, since my strength is as good as it was when I was 19 (now I’m 36 years young).

I feel my story is unique to me because it’s never too late to reach your dreams. My whole adult life prior to getting Lyme Disease and losing it all, I desired to be wealthy. I always took life for granted and never realized that true wealth was love, joy, and peace of mind. After gaining my well-being back by doing ACT, I applied these virtues as a foundation for my life, instead of chasing the wealth.

The difference was profound. I became a millionaire in November 2012, just three years after completing the ACT program. When I started ACT I lived in a 120-year-old farmhouse that was dilapidated, filled with boxelder bugs, and I could barely walk, let alone dare to dream of doing anything productive again…. That was in 2009.

By 2010, I was training in fitness at 80 percent of my capacity before getting ill. By 2011, I was breaking personal strength records and building my own companies online. Today I live in an 8,000 square-foot home worth 5 million dollars – drive exotic sports cars, and earn over a million dollars per year. I truly don’t care about all this material stuff now. What matters most are my kids, joy, happiness, and keeping God first. I believe God led me to ACT. Gary Blier is a miracle-genius who offers something incredible to people, and my NEW life began the day I enrolled in your class. I’m certain that I would not have survived without finding Gary and ACT.” – Matthew Hurtado

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It would only make sense that the cure for Lyme Disease is as crazy as the disease itself. I’ve tried so many medical and alternative modalities over the years, to no avail. Antibiotics destroyed my body, but not the Lyme. Advanced Cell Training (ACT) is bringing me back. ACT has helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve suspected that many of my chronic issues were related, though curable. Thanks to ACT, I am recovering from Lyme Disease, arthritis, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, adrenal failure, chronic widespread pain and muscular tension, leaky gut and food intolerances, brain fog, and mood disorders. If you’re ready to step outside the box to restore your health (and I mean WAY outside the box), then this could be your answer.

Gary Blier has restored my hope, unlike any other doctor or practitioner that I’ve seen. He just gets it and he doesn’t give up on you. I’m so grateful to him, his team and this miraculous approach to healing that is saving my whole family (including our 3-year-old daughter) from this despicable disease. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Erika Turner

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“I was only 21 years old when I became bedridden with Lyme Disease. A few months later, my body began to shut down. The first thing to go was my vision, then I became lightheaded and dizzy. The fatigue began to set in and I experienced severe air hunger. Just as scary though, were the strong heart palpitations I would feel when I would get out of bed. My eyes became very sensitive to light and I had to cover them all the time in order to avoid pain and soreness. I was unable to focus properly and my memory started to fade.

My parents were taking care of me but they started to feel very unfamiliar to me because of how bad my memory became. I was terrified that I was going to die or never lead a normal life again. The doctors didn’t believe there was anything wrong with me and told me I was crazy to think I had Lyme because it didn’t “exist” in Canada (where I am from). So, for months I was unsure how to treat it.  I finally had a test done for Lyme Disease. Once I knew what I had, I started taking antibiotics for a few months. The antibiotics immediately began to bring me back to life, but I was still unable to work or leave my house. I had horrible symptoms constantly and only got about 30% better.

My mum reached out to friends and one of them knew someone in Rhode Island who had tried ACT. I knew in my heart this program was going to save my life. I gave it a try and I could immediately feel changes and herxes taking place. Within a few months, I was able to leave my house. I took a trip for my birthday that I never thought I would be able to go on. I slowly started to get better in every symptom area. Within five months, I was able to work again. It actually felt like a miracle! After that, every symptom went from 30% better to 50% to 80% and now I can confidently say I am LYME FREE. I have no lightheadedness and my vision is back to normal. I don’t have heart palpitations anymore, my memory is back, my energy is AMAZING, my concentration is back and the best part is I can breathe again! I don’t think unless you have had Lyme you can really understand what it is like to go through such a horrible ordeal. I think most people in my life thought I seemed fine on the outside, even though the symptoms made me feel like I was dying on the inside.

Not only does ACT train your body to beat Lyme disease, but it helps you address any unhealed emotional trauma. I am now much more emotionally stable than I ever was. Today I work part-time and go to university full time. I am active, I go to the gym, I surf, snowboard and can eat or drink whatever I want. I honestly owe my life 100% to the Advanced Cell Training program. Without it, I do not know where I would be. I am soon to be 26 years old and I am forever grateful to Gary and the ACT staff for being my guardian angels. I thank God every day for bringing them into my life!” – Erin Robertson

I am writing this as a testament to how Advanced Cell Training (ACT) has saved my life. Like many others, I have suffered from the weirdest ailments that would come and go throughout most of my adult life. The Lyme Disease symptoms ranged from facial and eye twitches that were enough to drive you nuts to unimaginable gastrointestinal issues. Doctors could not help me and no matter how many nutraceuticals I ingested there was really no way out from how my body was acting.

was fortunate to have someone introduce me to the idea that our cells are intelligent and can be influenced by past trauma, inflammation, stress, emotions and environmental factors. I feel the ACT method used by Gary Blier and his staff is an amazing way to teach your body and your cells to behave in a healthy and harmonious manner. It is difficult to explain how thankful I am for ACT, without it I would not have this incredible feeling of life force that I have now. For those of you reading my story, I want you to know there is a way out!” – Beau Brinkerhoff

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“I went undiagnosed with Lyme Disease for over a year. At that point, I was really bad off with terrible body aches, head and neck pain, anxiety, depression, rage, slurred speech, loss of memory, just to name a few.

While researching Lyme disease, I read that many people were still suffering throughout their lives that were previously treated with antibiotics. At this point, I went off antibiotics (doxycycline). I needed to find a better way! I got angry, cried, and prayed. The very next day, I received an email from my mother who send me a link to Advanced Cell Training. Even though I knew my mother didn’t know what she had sent me, I looked into it further and call ACT in Rhode Island and asked them to send me some information. I honestly did not know what to make of it when I read the info and it sounded really weird! I stayed open-minded because I really had nothing to lose. If it was not a good for me, I would get 100% of my money back after the 4-week trial period.

So the class began and the very first week I felt better. I was not great by any means, but I felt better than I had in over a year. By the time the next session came along I felt awful again, but was told this was normal. I herxed like crazy on week two, though into the 4th or 5th day I started to feel better again. Now I knew this was not just all in my head, something was happening here, my body was actually healing itself. Weeks turned into months and I was finally on the road to recovery. I felt 100% better after month six. About a year or so after I finished up the ACT class, I started having some slight symptoms again. I got back into class for a few more weeks of ACT and I became 100% symptom-free. It has been a few years now and I am still so thankful that I found ACT, Gary, Paul and their entire team!

ACT has given me my life back. I feel like a mom again, a wife, a friend, a person. Lyme Disease takes so much out of you. It takes control of your body, brain, and your life. ACT could give you that life back, you have NOTHING at all to lose. This works, it truly works! Have faith, be patient and watch your body heal itself. ACT was a miracle for me, let it be your miracle too!”
–Tammy Maxwell

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“I am a registered nurse who believes in complementary approaches to conventional medicine. I am a FRIM believer in ACT since it was the only approach that has completely restored my health!My story begins somewhere around 2002 when I began having arthritic pain traveling from joint to joint throughout my body. I had increased difficulty collecting my thoughts, memory issues, brain fog, along with severe fatigue that inhibiting me getting through the day. I lacked energy and the ability to complete simple tasks. I remember the day my toes hurt so badly, and I went into a walk-in clinic. I was told by the doctor that I had “classic” late stage Lyme symptoms, but he could not treat me and referred me to another doctor who did a Lyme titer, which came back negative and he would not treat me.

Four years later I was bitten by a tick. I practically begged to be put on medication and was given Doxycycline for one month. I tested negative again for Lyme and was told I had “feminine” issues and should see my gynecologist or a psychiatrist. I found his comments insulting and knew this was not going to be the doctor to help me. After a long search, I found a Lyme doctor who was compassionate and treated aggressively with many antibiotics and supplements for 2 1/2 grueling years. Though it wasn’t long before my Lyme symptoms returned with a vengeance. I couldn’t bear the thought of antibiotic therapy again.

In November 2012, I was told by a friend about ACT. I called for the DVD, spoke with Paul Callahan and enrolled in the next class. I am ecstatic to report ALL my symptoms are gone except one and I have been blessed beyond belief by ACT. Advanced Cell Training not only heals the infirmities of the body, but also of the heart! Having regained my life back and being so close to the finish line, I can now say I absolutely recommend ACT!

THANK YOU GOD, TY Gary, TY Paul, and the gals at ACT! You have been wonderful support for me and instrumental in bringing me from start to finish. I am eternally grateful for all that you do!” – Eleni Tucker, RN

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“It took many months to get a diagnosis. What began as knee and back pain became debilitating. Then came the numbness and tingling in my hands, feet, left side of the face, and the back of my head. The confusion became so bad that at one point, while at the grocery store, I forgot where I was and had to look at the bags to read where I was and then wondered which location, and which direction I would need to go to get home. I was scared. I began having trouble walking and standing for long periods of time. I was dropping things constantly and tripping too. I even lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I went to the ER several times. I was having panic attacks and a few doctors even threw out possibilities like MS and cancer.

Two different doctors diagnosed me with Lyme Disease even though the Western Blot showed negative. A third doctor, my neurologist, said that he was treating someone during the same time that showed negative on a blood test, but he was sure had Lyme Disease. I was started on antibiotics and lots of supplements. I’m sure these did some good, but it was about a month and a half later when starting the ACT classes, that I began to have more energy. I began to see an improvement in my quality of life very quickly. I became an active participant in my own life again.

I have been doing ACT for about seven weeks. Last week I enjoyed my birthday at Disney World!!! I was able to walk around the parks. A few months ago I thought that I may have to use a wheelchair to get around the park or to cancel the trip. I am so thankful. I am able to help out at my beautiful six-year-old’s school and to do some work around the house again. I can actively play with her again. I was so sick a few months ago that although I could drive around, my daughter said to me from the back seat, “Mommy, if you die, you’ll go to Heaven, and you’ll see your Daddy, and you won’t have to miss him anymore.” We didn’t know what was wrong with me at that time, but she had never seen me sick before and was unsure of what was going on. I was unsure of how to explain to her.

I am not at 100% yet, but now I am seeing that with some past traumas, etc. I probably have never been at 100%. Though I think that with the help of ACT, I may have a chance at getting to 100% health. Thank you Gary. Thank you my husband, daughter, and friends for all of your help and support. Thank you God!!” – Daniell Nagle (Lyme Class #62)

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One year ago this month I got very scared. I had Lyme and i was very sick and getting worse by the day. I am so grateful, thankful and happy to tell everyone that ACT has changed my life for the better. I am not so sick anymore. I am enjoying my life, I am getting better every day. I have been sick for 10 years and in one short year with ACT I am better, hopeful, happy, and living a full happy life. – Molly Casey

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“I’m free to live. Free to play. After many long years of overcoming chronic Lyme disease I celebrate my new level of health and abilities to do things I’ve dreamed of. Today I dared to go cliff jumping…tomorrow-anything! I’m so grateful for the journey and newfound freedom as I shed the “snakeskin” of old boundaries. Thank you Gary Blier of Advanced Cell Training for the role you have played in my journey back to health. Go Lyme class #77!!!” – Cathleen Baxter

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“Six years ago today I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had five minor strokes, then diagnosed with Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections and the start of blood cancer. Today I am cancer free, Lyme symptoms are 99% gone, and no residual stroke effects. ACT gave me back a life better than before.” – Melanie Barton Bragg

“When a friend of mine first told me about Advanced Cell Training (ACT), I was absolutely desperate and willing to try anything that might help me. I had been so sick for many years and I had been diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease and several other awful co-infections. I was the sickest I’d ever been in my entire life and I seriously thought I was going to die several different times. A few of my symptoms included tingling fingers/toes, twitching at night, night sweats, very sore neck and lower back, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, lethargy, terrible skin lesions, rashes, severe stress, anxiety, chronic depression, and PTSD.

What is truly remarkable is that during an exceedingly stressful time in my life, all of my symptoms were slowly decreasing. So, if I am feeling better after only 3 months of Advanced Cell Training, I can’t wait to see how I will feel in 3 more months! ACT is an amazing healing process. There’s also a spiritual component to it, which makes the training appeal to me even more.

I’ve told a lot of my family and friends about ACT already because it is working where other treatments have not. I don’t truly understand how the process works, but that’s OK. The proof is in the pudding. Thank you so much to Gary and his amazing staff at Advanced Cell Training for helping me!” – Sarah Tallman

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“After living with neurological Lyme disease for over 25 years, and several unsuccessful treatments later, I decided to enroll in Lyme class #72. I’ve been in ACT for about 8 months and have seen dramatic results physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Most of my 30+ symptoms are down to zero (scale 0-10), and I am now rebuilding my nervous system. Some of the greatest gifts I have received from ACT are renewed health, hope, and an unshakable passion to assist others who are suffering from devastating illnesses. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Gary Blier, and his entire staff, for being a beacon of light for those who feel lost and hopeless. My wish is for all those living with chronic illness, who feel called, to take a leap of faith and experience this unique approach to healing your body. You won’t regret it. You have nothing to lose except your symptoms.” – Ivy Aubry

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“ACT is changing the lives of my whole family. My kids and I have had a long history of Lyme Disease and co-infections. I’ve been VERY sick since 2007. After 6 weeks of ACT, my body started passing parasites (worms) that I’ve had since 2003 from foreign travel. The Lyme symptoms improved dramatically, which was my first real indication that Lyme isn’t only a bacterial/viral issue and that parasites are a major source of symptoms and cause of immune suppression. Now, my body feels better than it has in over 8 years and it’s still improving daily as I shed all my old “friends” and allow my immune system to function the way God intended. I’m getting my life back, working again, and I’m only part way through this program. More importantly, I’m healing in my heart and soul which is allowing my body to no longer be a host to these lower organisms. Thank you Gary, for helping my body heal through “backdoor” methods that create whole mind-body-spirit health. I’m looking forward to having my yearly family picture of us in the ACT green t-shirts!'” – Cathleen Baxter

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“I am so happy with my results woking with Advanced Cell Training (ACT). I just recently started working with Gary Blier and ACT. I have had Lyme for about 5 years, but just found out 3 years ago. My symptoms were severe fatigue, brain fog, some painful joints, and disrupted sleep. I am very grateful to both Gary and his whole staff. They have all been so kind, supportive and understanding. After just a few sessions I am seeing a difference and reduction in my symptoms. Most of all for me, he is addressing the emotions as well as the physical symptoms. Thank you Gary and staff!” – Derenda Jeffrey

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“Most of my friends already know about my struggle with chronic Lyme Disease over the past 12+ years. It has robbed me of my life and doctors have not had any answers. I’m now in the 7th week of a program that has actually reduced my symptoms by about 75%… in SEVEN WEEKS! I finally have the hope of getting my life back. For anyone suffering fromLyme, Fibromyalgia or any other autoimmune diseases, check out Advanced Cell Training (ACT). I can’t really explain how it works, just that I’m on the road to recovery from a disease that doctors cannot cure.” – Mary Banker

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“ACT is amazing! This time last year I could hardly walk and was working half days. Now I am back to work full time and can run around like a crazy person!!! haha 😀 Not to mention many other symptoms I had to deal with on a daily basis. As we always say at the end of our training codes – Thank you God!” — Amanda Heffernan 

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I was an extremely healthy and happy person. I was a mother of two, living in the mountains of New Jersey. I enjoyed hiking in the woods and working with special needs children. Never could I have imagined how my life would be turned upside down by Lyme disease. I was one of the many people who went misdiagnosed and therefore untreated. It affected my heart, brain, joints, memory, and much more. I became so ill that I had to leave my job and became virtually bedridden. 

Before I started ACT, I could not even step up onto a curb without holding onto someone. I was weak and my balance was a real problem. I was having up to 3 migraines a week which could debilitate me for months. I had vertigo and such confusion I could not even drive. I was so sick I would sometimes cry for days. I was so desperate and unable to cope I would tell my husband I was not going to make it.

When I came across ACT and watched the videos and spoke with Paul Callahan my intuition told me this was something I had to try. I have been working the program for 9 months and I have seen so much improvement.

ACT retrains your body to remember how to heal itself and it works. It works on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. As someone who has been living with Lyme for 25 years, I can truly say this is nothing short of a miracle. I still have a way to go but I have gone from being hopeless to hopeful.

Gary Blier is dedicated to helping people with all kinds of illness recover their health through this incredible process. In my opinion, this is the only way to completely recover from Lyme Disease. No matter what healing method you use the spirochetes are still hiding and will reemerge at some point.

If you have Lyme Disease, or know anyone with mysterious symptoms, I urge you to give this a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” – Gail Swanson

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“Like anyone else, I was skeptical that Advanced Cell Training (ACT) would help me. Anyone who has been chronically ill for many years tends to lose hope and not be impressed by the new kid in town. I want to make it clear that I know I still have work to do. Lyme Disease and its co-infections are extremely tenacious so I know I am in for a fight, but after only four weeks of working with this unique training process, I’ve had some pretty dramatic improvements.

I have been sick with Lyme for many years. The ACT program requires that we track our progress by measuring and recording our symptoms and any change or improvements. This way we can see our progress and not just make a vague guess about it. Everyone is familiar with rating pain on a scale of 0 – 10. I am so grateful to report that the intensity of my 16 symptoms keep reducing every week. Symptoms such as muscle spasms in my torso pulling me out of alignment, shortness of breath, migraines, visual disturbances, pain around eye sockets and many other discomforts. Some symptoms have even gone to zero in four short weeks.

I’m so grateful that I stumbled on the ACT website and glad that I decided to try it. Gary and all of his staff are compassionate people. It helps to know that you are not alone. I have tried many types of healing modalities and the ACT system seems to be giving me that final push off being stuck in one place like a broken record. I am feeling better than I ever thought I would. I maintain hope that sooner or later ALL of my symptoms will go away and I can have my life back. It has been a long time since I have felt this degree of hope and this degree of relief. I would recommend giving this a try. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.” – Diane Barnes

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“I contracted Lyme Disease in 2006 and wasn’t diagnosed until 2009. Year after year my symptoms got progressively worse. Like many of you, I saw multiple doctors, tried all sorts of treatments and nothing helped. Four months ago I was literally at the end of my rope. I was so sick and depressed that I didn’t want to live anymore. I could barely walk, get out of bed, was in constant pain all over, had massive migraines, heart palpitations and fatigue. One night I begged that if there was a God in heaven to please help me! The following day I was on Facebook and Advanced Cell Training’s ACT logo popped up and I swear to you it was glowing! I joined the Lyme class on June 1, 2015 and every single one of my physical symptoms have greatly improved. I have not only healed physically, but also emotionally and spiritually too. I have lived my entire life with such anxiety, anger, fear and depression due to all the trauma I’ve endured. I was abused physically, verbally and sexually as a child and suffered more as an adult. I have been in therapy for years and there hasn’t been one doctor that could help me heal.

Thanks to Gary Blier and ACT I’ve finally been able to release all the emotions from my past and for the first time in my life I’m looking forward to the future. Two months ago I thought I was going to have to give up my mobile grooming business, but after doing the ACT program for 10 weeks I now know I won’t have to sell it! I thank God every day for leading me to this program. I never dreamed that it would help me in every way possible. I’ve had Lyme for 9 long years and this is the best I’ve felt in a very long time. I never would have believed I would be feeling this much better so soon! Thank you Gary, Paul & the ACT staff for everything. I wouldn’t be here without you. I love you guys!” – Karen Gulla

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“Don’t let Lyme Disease get you down! Thanks to my Advanced Cell Training (ACT) classes I was brave enough to go skydive indoors with my son for his 20th birthday. My muscles and joints hurt all over. I didn’t think there was hope as I tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, and all the doctors could recommend was for me to take drugs. After 6 weeks of ACT classes all my symptoms have subsided. I am feeling 50% better and look forward to my classes each week. I thought about what Gary shared with me when I went dancing and I was sore all over. He said keep dancing that’s not what’s making you sore. Keep living that’s what I got from that. ACT and my faith in God have helped me feel alive again! Thanks for all that you do.” – Helen Smith

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“I spent the last couple of days listening to music, tapping, and targeting and got some good herxing pain in all my joints. The result is a great day today. I went for a long hike in the woods with my dogs. I’ve come a long way in five weeks in Advanced Cell Training. I started with so much joint pain, anxiety and depression that I could barely get off the couch. Really feel like I am beginning to win this war. Going to do some yard work now, a little gardening, and look forward to my side codes tomorrow. Full speed ahead. I am so grateful. Having had serious health issues with my heart…arrhythmia, ventricle tachycardia, and a stroke, I am convinced that Lyme was the root cause of these conditions. There is so much more to this story and I will fill in the picture as it unfolds.” – Johanne and Daniel Furtado

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“Today is the 1-year mark since starting ACT. I have learned so much and have had great successes! I’m not sure when I will graduate from ACT, but the key is that I WILL graduate and with flying colors! Curing a chronic disease and other things found along the way is more than a full-time job! There is not one day of the week when my body is not healing itself. ACT is easy to do itself and not that time consuming, but the body always has lots of work to do! I don’t know where I would be today without ACT! I love the process and Gary Blier, and staff are awesome. They are kind and supportive and frankly, I always look forward to our teleconference class every week! Please consider ACT if you or someone you know has an autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Allergies, Depression, etc.  It’s easy, done right from home, enjoyable, it’s only $55 per session… And IT WORKS!” – Sophie Emilita

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“I have been in Advanced Cell Training (ACT) for 7 weeks, I think. lol. I don’t even keep track anymore! All I keep track of are my symptoms and each week that passes, they are getting better and better. This makes it easy to keep track of this awful disease! I HATE LYME DISEASE! I went from a perfectly normal mother, worker, friend, to being closed up in pain every day, focusing all day on all the pain, being light headed, anxiety, fear of dying and leaving my kids. Also, going to doctors that say Lyme does not exist, taking meds that don’t help.

I did some research on my own and I found Paul Callahan from ACT by chance on Facebook. Joining ACT was the best thing I have ever done, because I met ACT practitioner, Gary Blier and now I am better! I am healing inside and out, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I thank you both for helping me with a great recovery. Thank you for giving me hope and my classmates too… #Lifechanging.

The staff at ACT is wonderful. I appreciate you all! To Gary & Paul and all the ladies in the office, thank you!” – Jessica Burnette

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“Last fall I tested positive for chronic Lyme and Rheumatoid Arthritis (probably have had for six years). Deciding against conventional treatments, I instead chose ACT, diet, exercise, chiropractic and a positive attitude. I have been participating in ACT for about three months, and the results have been REMARKABLE! I am 80% better – in fact, if it weren’t for the lingering insomnia and some initial stiffness upon waking I would say I am almost 100% improved. Anyone seeing me would never suspect anything is wrong. This is a drastic contrast to the months preceding ACT when almost all my joints were stiff, weak and painful and I had increasing difficulty with mobility. At that time, my MD cautioned if I did nothing I would be in a wheelchair.

Three months later, I am absolutely thrilled with my results with ACT. I have regained my health and returned to an active life. ACT not only gave me hope, but also a positive and effective holistic path to wellness. ACT works! I am proof – as are all the many others who have healed with the kind, supportive, compassionate guidance of Gary Blier and his staff. I am so grateful to them and to my friend, Michelle Smith (an ACT graduate) who introduced me to Advanced Cell Training. I ran out for tea this morning quick and ran into some people who haven’t seen me in quite awhile. They couldn’t get over how good I look! I have had Lyme for six years and now I am back to looking and feeling good again!” – Pamela Pendlebury

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“In 2011, I had my son CJ tested for Lyme disease for the first time. He was achy, tired, not feeling 100%. It came back negative so I attributed his symptoms to growing and sports. By 2012, his symptoms became more prominent. His eyesight was “weird” – he now needed glasses. He was having very bad headaches, was exhausted, and hurt everywhere. His aches had turned to chronic pain everywhere. I would put him to bed with ice packs on his neck, wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles, and sacrum. I insisted he be tested for Lyme again and it was negative again. I knew something was very wrong and I was sure it was Lyme. I printed off a list of Lyme symptom and he had 90% of them. One of the hardest things for both of us to cope with was that he looked absolutely normal on the outside so people formed their own opinion about his “behavior.”

We turned to ACT in July 2014, CJ started with all of his symptoms listed at 10’s and 9’s on a scale of 1 – 10. Now, all of his symptoms are down to 1’s and 0’s. CJ has returned to my happy, loving, pain-free child. He no longer takes any medications. The gratitude we have for Gary Blier, Paul Callahan and the staff at ACT is beyond words. I felt powerless watching him suffer, but ACT restored my power and enabled me to help heal my son. If you’re a mom and you know something is not right with your child, please keep pushing until you get answers!” Lisa Raech

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“I have had so much success from Advanced Cell Training that I am now the active, vibrant woman I was always intended to be! Last May I started on my journey of truly living again. I was suffering from all over muscle and joint pain and stiffness brought on by a lifetime of emotional baggage and made much worse by breast cancer treatments twice in the past nine years. I had chemo and surgery nine years ago and when it came back four years ago I had chemo, radiation and more than 13 surgeries. I was unable to do all of the things I had loved to do, like garden, crochet, going for walks, cooking and kayaking. If I did do those things, I would end up in so much pain it would put me out of activity for weeks. I was gaining weight, became diabetic, had high blood pressure and was generally sick. I didn’t go through all of those treatments to have such a bad quality of life!

When I “found” ACT and I finally felt hope again. The kind of hope I felt when I went through my treatments. By last fall, after four months with the program I was able to walk two miles without being unable to move for days afterward! I have been able to lose thirty pounds, am not diabetic anymore and my blood pressure is good! I intend on continuing with ACT for as long as I need to and will never look back to the unhealthy person I once was. I am finally LIVING again, in every sense of the word!

I thank God for putting Gary Blier, Paul Callahan and everyone else at ACT in my path. I also thank God for my daughter, Marie Benda, for leaving their website up on my computer to find!” Nanette Gallagher

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“I first heard of Advanced Cell Training (ACT) about two years ago on Facebook. I was a little skeptical at first, but something kept telling me to try it. My family and I have had chronic Lyme for almost 10 yrs besides other health issues. I tried a picc line, naturopathic treatments, tons of antibiotics, hyperbaric O2, but nothing quite like this. I first got sick in my sophomore year of high school. I got so sick and was under a lot of stress I had to drop out. After reading about ACT and how it works like a rife machine, but using your brain instead, I was hooked. I also liked how it involved prayer. The first day of the program I noticed something. I felt tingly throughout my body and immediately starting herxing. I was having daily pain in my left knee with stiffness for about 2 months before I started ACT. After 1 week of doing ACT my knee pain and stiffness vanished completely and has not returned since. I was also getting severe headaches with dizziness almost on a weekly basis for a few months and daily eye twitching in my left eye with severe tremors and twitches throughout my body. Those symptoms are almost completely gone now too. I truly believe that finding Gary Blier and Advanced Cell Training has been a Godsend for me. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t found this. When I started ACT my overall health was about 60 percent. Since doing ACT I’ve been trying to get my GED and have told by my Lyme doctor that I’m strong and well enough to look for my first part-time job and I’ve never worked before. I’m thrilled to say that now my overall health is about 80 to 85 percent. So, I still have a little more to go, but I know I will get there and I can’t wait. For anyone who is dealing with Lyme or any other illness I highly recommend that you give this a try. You won’t be sorry.” – Christen Wayland

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“Advanced Cell Training has been and is still helping me heal, while modern medicine has failed me in every way. Lyme Disease is one of my many diagnoses. I’m on the journey of healing with a way to go, but I expect to arrive, very soon. Lyme caused a heart condition in me called Neurocardiogenic Syncope. I have flat-lined (which I do not recommend), and modern medicine had NO answers. After being hooked up to monitors for weeks. I left the hospital sicker than when I had arrived and on more medication than they usually prescribe… I could barely walk. Thanks to ACT, my heart is MUCH stronger. I can do grocery shopping without a wheelchair now. Now, it is an absolute rarity that I feel like I’m going to collapse or pass out. Plus, I’m not on any heart medication. I had tremors so bad it was embarrassing to leave my house. At one point I lived my life around tremors and had to stay home for days at a time when they were at their worst. Now, that is way down. I hardly even tremor anymore. The severe allergy to animals is GONE! My emotional/spiritual/physical well being have ALL improved since starting ACT.

This is not a mere fix for a health problem. This is a life altering therapy that brings one closer to, and back to the way that God originally designed our bodies/minds/souls/spirits to thrive and flourish. I have become healthier and happier on every level. I could type a lot more about how ACT is changing my life, but my ACT class is coming up, which means more progress!! Your health and life are a phone call away too! What are you waiting for?!” – Kim Banks

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“I am in my 3rd week of the Advanced Cell Training (ACT) Lyme Disease class #72 and have so much HOPE already! I just spent a full week with my niece visiting me and I was able to be on the go and do outdoorsy and touristy things daily! This is a huge change from before I started the class 3 weeks ago. I know I have a ways to go, but I cannot help but share my enthusiasm for this process when I clearly have witnessed results already. Some might question and wonder if “it is all in my head”? I say, my head, heart, body and soul working together! I will keep those of you who are wondering about taking the class apprised of my progress. Gary Blier and the whole team at ACT are amazing. I finally have hope that I will get my life back!

Thank you to the ACT team and God for this process and to myself, for taking the plunge! This picture of me was taken just this week after I had walked 30 minutes which has been a rare thing for me. I am so happy!” – Constance Cloak  

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“I don’t know where I would be today had I not looked into Advanced Cell Training (ACT) after seeing it pop up on my Facebook feed. As someone who has lived for 10 years with Lyme Disease, I had lost hope. I felt that I was barely hanging on. I’ve been in Lyme Class # 77 for 11 weeks and can now see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know I still have a ways to go, but I am no longer spending the majority of my days in bed. The fog is lifting and I’m beginning to really appreciate all of the little things I’ve missed for so long. If you are suffering from Lyme, ACT is where you will find hope. You will not have to fight this horrible disease alone anymore. Gary Blier is amazing at what he does and he does it because he really truly cares about people. I am really grateful and can’t wait to see where I am a month from now. Thank you Gary and the whole team at ACT for giving me hope again!” – Melanie Love

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“Just came back from my Primary Care physician’s office and I couldn’t be more pleased! All 3 of my Families’ lab results are looking FANTASTIC for the first time in years while they battled with chronic immune illnesses (Lyme and other tick infections & biotoxin illness). Thank you God, Thank you Gary Blier, Advanced Cell Training and all the ACT staff. My NP is strongly considering joining the General Health class at ACT this summer as a result of what she has witnessed over the past year while my family participated in ACT. How blessed are we to have a supportive and ego-less PCP and to have found ACT. Happy to talk to anyone individually about our experience who might be considering this program. IT WORKS when YOU do the work – which is very easy, by the way!” – Alan and Julianna Hale

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“I’m part of Lyme Disease class #67 at Advanced Cell Training and this is my first post since starting almost three months ago. What prompted me to write is that I began working full time again today! A few weeks ago my symptoms and my herxes have become more manageable and then all of a sudden a job landed in my lap! It’s like the universe knew I was getting better! Anyway it wasn’t an easy road and I still have some work to do to get fully well, but you know what… I’m functional! And tomorrow is only my 12th class.” – Christina Ciriello

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“Thank you Advanced Cell Training (ACT)! Arthritis gone – allergies gone – tendonitis almost gone, etc. etc. and systemic candida gone!!” – Krys Moto

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“Gary Blier and Paul Callahan I’m so grateful for Advanced Cell Training (ACT). If it wasn’t for your gifts of wisdom, we would have never gotten out of the chronic Lyme rut and the diagnosis with Lupus and told that it was permanent. They can’t cure you, but can medicate you until you die. Thanks to you, you gave us our lives back!” – Lili Bovey

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“I am so blessed to have found Advanced Cell Training! For the first time since 2006, I feel like I am finally free of Lyme Disease! On a backpacking trip in 2006, I was bitten by a tick. I was treated for two weeks with doxycycline and thought it was over. My two sons even joked about it, saying how I was a real “mountain man.” I had no idea how serious Lyme Disease could be. Then in 2009, I started having other problems that I didn’t relate to Lyme. I was hospitalized in intensive care on several occasions with Atrial fibrillation. I had severe joint and muscle pain and severe fatigue. Doctors tried to diagnose my symptoms as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and even male menopause. I had tried about everything including oral antibiotics, injections, supplements, infrared saunas, but nothing seemed to last. I simply could not sustain any gains. Every time I would think I was better,
symptoms kept coming back. In desperation and with much prayer, Advanced Cell Training (ACT) came into my life. After almost exactly a year, I am totally symptom-free and have my life back! Just put your faith in God, ACT & Gary Blier and you will see results too! What a journey!” – David Dunham

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“Prior to getting Lyme Disease, I was a healthy, athletic 19-year-old girl. While hiking in New Hampshire, I was bitten by a tick and within a couple of weeks, I got very ill. My body was in so much pain I could barely walk. I could no longer tend my garden, go running or anything that was part of my daily routine. It got to the point where taking a shower took too much energy. I lost my appetite and my weight dropped to 95 pounds – I was a skeleton. I developed horrible headaches to the point that I just laid in bed believing I was going to die from this nasty disease.

After two months of pulsing antibiotics that made me feel horrible and didn’t help at all, my mother enrolled me in an ACT class. I started taking small steps back to my old life within a couple weeks. I started to eat again and regain some energy. I knew that I was going to get better and beat Lyme. It took four months of weekly classes and I was back to my old energetic self. I have gained back the weight I lost and I am running again! I am 100% symptom-free. My blood work shows no Lyme or co-infections. Gary Blier is a life saver. He is so kind and understanding and all the ladies at his office are so sweet and compassionate. I encourage everyone that is suffering to give Gary’s class a try. You could have your life back like me!” – Ashley

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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Gary and his team at Advanced Cell Training! I participated in an ACT class for the better part of a year and what an amazing adventure it was! Through the highs and lows of feeling great, herxing, and all the stuff in between I had a team of people that were there for me and I got through it. My health has been restored and I have joined the land of the living. We worked on not only the physical issues, but deep rooted emotional ones that also contribute to disease. I cannot thank you enough for all your love and support. Lyme disease is so prevalent here in NH and I have passed along my story and your contact information to many people. Your work is so important and I want to shout from the rooftops how great I feel! Thank you for all you do and I wish you all continued success!” – Ruth Axtell

“Wow what a ride. Progress every week with Advanced Cell Training, even when a nasty herx tries to ruin my day/week, I’m committed and intent on getting well and staying well. So 3 steps forward 2 steps back still equals forward progress. And a mind- blowing change from having zero energy and apathy. Now only having a day or moments of fatigue. After only 4 classes. ACT actually got me out of bed and functioning and renewed hope. So happy that only after 5 weeks my eyelashes are growing where I once had none! I look forward to every class. Thank you ACT Team!” – Krys Moto

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“Because of Advanced Cell Training (ACT), I got to ride a roller coaster, ride a horse, spend days on a chilly river in the heat, walk a parking lot and not be exhausted by the time I get to my destination! My son and I recently went on a little road trip by ourselves to the sweat lodge. It made me feel so wonderful and independent as a mother and a woman to be able to do that! Also great is being able to submit a quality professional proposal for a fellowship to support my work.

My dreams have come true and miracles keep happening because of the healing and wellness I found through Advanced Cell Training!” – Tara Eagle Weber

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“Last night, my son and I ran our first 5k. A year ago, he would not have been able to run this because of chronic Lyme Disease and tick infections. He finished 107 out of 251 – and said he could go further. He was so happy! Today is his 12th Birthday. His health is the best present we could ever ask for. Thank you God and Advanced Cell Training. Thank you, DANIEL, for being you. Happy Birthday, honey! Looking forward to the rest of your life filled with love, joy, health and many more blessings!” – Alan Hale and Julianna Cox

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“I feel very fortunate to have heard about ACT a year ago from a friend who had 2 clients spouting testimonials about Gary Blier and ACT. They reported huge relief from the symptoms of Lyme Disease, another from Fibromyalgia. I had been suffering from Lyme Disease for a few years (tick bites) and endured the common frustrations of most Lyme sufferers: lack of reliable diagnosis regarding whether I truly had it, diminishing benefits and negative side effects of antibiotics, getting negative blood tests even though you have all the symptoms. If I got the regular flu, it would just be agonizing because Lyme exacerbates other pathogens. Another stress that can’t be avoided is its effect on the other household members/spouse. It grows tiresome for others to be continually understanding (Lyme starts sounding like an excuse in life, etc) given how demanding all of our lives can be. Lyme Disease can be incredibly debilitating, never mind painful. I had forgotten what feeling good should feel like. The new normal was pretty lousy.

I watched some of Gary’s YouTube videos and everything he was describing truly resonated with me. So, I ordered the free DVD. I had learned in my own research that the body is an amazing instrument and has incredible intelligence in many ways. This approach was an easy sell for me and it is VERY affordable. Others seem to need more time to decide, we’re all different. An ACT volunteer called me after I had ordered the DVD, and encouraged me, 1.) with her own successful story and 2.) she urged me to listen in as a guest on a live Lyme class, which I did. I attended in person as I live in Rhode Island while everyone else was on Skype or the phone. I realized that Gary is clearly on to something. I sat there week after week riveted with this process and listened to one grateful person after another extolling their successes… Some big, some small. Personally, I may have set the record for speed of, let’s just call it: LACK of symptoms. It only took about 10 weeks. A few weeks after which I needed a little ‘tune-up’ when some symptoms came back and they were quickly whisked away by ACT.

Bottom line: in my personal experience, I can firmly state that Lyme Disease is no longer in my life. No medication was needed at any time. And for a BIG bonus, I don’t have a huge bill waiting for me. Thanks – and that’s an understatement – to Gary Blier and the wonderful staff and volunteers at ACT!” – Ron D’Amico

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“I recently turned 30 years old, but I feel like I am 16 again – all thanks to ACT! It’s been exactly a year since I started classes and graduated in the fall. In less than 8 months, I was feeling better than I had in 10 years! A few examples of how ACT made a huge difference in my health journey:

• Fibromyalgia diagnosed in 2005. Constant flu-like symptoms. Since ACT, I am on zero painkillers! I don’t spend my weekends in bed, I don’t crash or feel horrible for days after making a little physical effort, and I’m less sensitive to the environment. I don’t get any more bruises nor sensation of fever, and no more sore throats!

• Crohn’s disease diagnosed summer 2003. Since ACT, I am able to eat everything and not feel any discomfort!

• Non-Ankylosing Spondylitis diagnosed in 2005. Took a lot of painkillers daily to manage. I couldn’t play any sports or even walk up stairs was an effort. Since ACT, I have no joint pain when I wake up and it doesn’t hurt at all to bend or kneel. I can carry heavy items, go canoeing or play squash.

• Chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, etc. – I used to always catch the bugs that were going around and be sick for a few weeks in a row. Since starting ACT, my immune system is much stronger and “sinus infection” is not part of my vocabulary any longer.

• Anxiety & emotional issues: From a young age, I was anxious towards change. I became socially anxious and paranoid (I could hardly go out and walk in the street because I felt like everybody was watching my every move) and after a friend of mine committed suicide in 2007, I went into regular anxiety attacks and severe mood swings. I would get very irritable/critical towards others, or start having very dark thoughts about myself and how I was not worthy of being loved or of living. Since ACT, I am feeling much more stable emotionally. Life changes and memories of the past don’t affect me so much and I am as a whole feeling much happier & less vulnerable.

Thanks, ACT, for helping me think and feel differently…what a gift to be entering my 30th year with renewed health! Here’s hoping others can experience the same from patiently following through the ACT treatments… And don’t get discouraged if it seems for a while that you’re not getting anywhere. With persistence, you’ll get there too!!” – Kristina

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“My son and I were dying from Lyme Disease, Bartonella, and Babesiosis! I went over 25 years undiagnosed and passed it onto my son. I was bedridden. He was a maniac, running out of the house at night, in the parking lot. He had insomnia, rages, fever, green urine and stool. He was miserable, weak muscle tone and no appetite. He became resistant to antibiotics. I was late-stage, too. By age 37, I had 2 degenerative discs, one at my neck, the other in my lower back. My skin had started to turn gray because my organs were shutting down. I had hypothyroidism, lesions all over my brain, a fever for 26 years, neuro pain that could only be helped by a visit to the ER. I had 5 PICC lines along the way.

I knew I had to find a way to save my son’s life as well as mine! We started ACT in 2009. It was our last hope. I remember feeling my heart pitter patter 5 seconds after I started the training codes! I KNEW it would work! It has been a long road! But ACT has restored our QUALITY OF LIFE! I had no life. We weathered all the herxes! The improvements were remarkable!!! My son’s improvement gave him a life!! He used to have terrible rages, ADHD and was found to have cognitive processing delays. After 2 years of ACT, he had his IQ tested again, it went up substantially! I believe 19 or 20 points! Now he can sit still, reads at grade level and talks a bit like a little professor. One thing ACT helped find in my son was his laughter! I never heard my son laugh much the first 5 years of his life!. He was too sick! He knew more about what it was like to die than to live!

My son’s childhood and spirit was restored by ACT! It was a miracle how much he has improved. This year he was the Student of the Month voted by the teachers & made Honor Roll ALL YEAR! He is now social and has friends! He is a happy child! He will tell you who made him better, “CODES & ACT!” ACT made me believe in miracles!” — Tara Pretends Eagle Weber

“I have been with Gary Blier’s Lyme Disease program now for 18 weeks. The results have been nothing short of a miracle. Lyme Disease has caused many problems in my life having had it since 9 years old, and bitten a second time a few years ago. I had to find a way to get better or I was going to give up. My symptoms, physical and mental have all but disappeared and I have so much joy in my life now. In one month my baby girl will be born and I am so grateful I will be here now to give her all the love and support a child needs from their father. Thank you Gary, my life has been renewed and I thank God for the gifts He has given to you to share with all of us. If you have been suffering from illnesses, depression, allergies, anger, diseases, please join Gary’s at home teleconference class and be prepared to get healed!” – Cory Klardie

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“Two years ago (pre-diagnosis) I was told I could not have kids. 1.5 years ago I needed a cane to walk. I’ll be 36 on August 9th and have been given the keys to my life back after 20+ years dealing with Lyme Disease. Instead of collapsing on the couch in complete exhaustion after a long week, l spend the weekends hiking, biking and (I’m 100% serious) thanking God we found Advanced Cell Training (ACT). I just have to smile and of course tears hit (the good ones). I can work, provide for my family and I am no longer trapped in my on skin. Pure awesome. Thank you, Gary and the ACT crew!” – Alyssa & Tucker Burke

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“I would like to give a big meaningful shout out to Gary Blier and the staff at Advanced Cell Training!! I am so grateful for Gary’s insight and his ability to assist us in healing. In just 9 weeks my life has changed greatly in many different ways! I’m getting my life back and it feels wonderful! There’s suffering through life and then there’s living life with quality! This picture was taken last week… Thank you!!!” – Teresa Rae Norris

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“My daughter still had lingering symptoms from Lyme Disease, even after being treated with antibiotics and going to a well-known LLMD. Her symptoms were persistent – tired heavy legs with numbness, insomnia, swollen glands that were enlarged for over a year, and intense anxiety. Since I had such a positive experience with Advanced Cell Training (ACT) myself, I decided to sign up Ciara. I couldn’t bear to see my beautiful 13-year-old daughter suffer any longer. Ciara joined ACT in January of this year, and graduated 4 months later this April. She went through the program faster than I did! She no longer suffers from any of the physical symptoms she had before starting ACT.

I was always told once you have Lyme you will always have it. I used to believe that hopeless lie. Not anymore. Ciara and I are living proof that Lyme doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence. Advanced Cell Training is what got us both to this place of freedom from Lyme Disease. Antibiotics only took us so far, and to be honest, it wasn’t very far at all. It was ACT that gave us our health back. Thank you Advanced Cell Training for taking such good care of my daughter, and TY God! :)” – Amy Cook

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“Advanced Cell Training is changing my life! I have been fighting Lyme Disease for well over 20 years. It has caused my heart to stop, not to mention other horrific things. Despite hanging on by a very thin thread, I never lost hope. Thank God I was able to keep holding on until ACT came along. ACT has enabled me to do things that I have not been able to do in years. Gary Blier is a God send, brilliant, kind and so very compassionate. I don’t feel like I’m just barely hanging on anymore. I am starting to believe my dreams can and will come true! All of them!! The staff is also amazing! You should give yourself the opportunity to dream and LIVE again… Give Advanced Cell Training a chance! Thanks Gary & all at ACT!” – Kimberly Banks (Lyme Class #61)

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“I have been a part of the ACT class training for 3 weeks now and have had great results. This program is not a hoax. The cost is extremely low considering the results I and many others like myself have seen. I have had Lyme Disease most of my life and struggled with multiple symptoms physical and mentally related. You must try this out as soon as possible if you want to feel better. Cure your body of all disease, allergies, toxins, and stress you have been holding in for too long. The class has a money back guarantee in the first month, up to 4 or 5 sessions if you are not happy with the results, but I know you will be happy.” – Cory J Klardie, (Lyme Class #64)

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“I was so sick with Chronic Lyme Disease and eager to get better; I did not know what treatment to start next. I was really scared to spend a lot of money and time on another treatment just to relapse soon after. One day I was cleaning my apartment and found a sealed envelope over a year old that said, “Advanced Cell Training: Your body can heal itself.” I thought it was just another scam and remember ordering that information back when I first got sick, but never opened it. This time, I decided to give it a try. I called them and asked to sign up. I was told the new Lyme class starts in 5 minutes! And if I miss the first class, I would have to wait another 6 weeks for the next one. First, they hesitated to out me in a class without completing my paperwork, but they decided to let me in. It was meant to be!

The whole healing process with ACT was very interesting. First off, you have a chart of your “Top 10” worst symptoms, and every single week you rate them on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst. Sure enough, I start noticing a difference in my symptoms – they all went down. And I know it was not a placebo effect, because we had over 40 people in my class, and about 90% of them reported improvements every weekly session! I had no idea how this process worked, but all I knew was it was working for me! 9 months later I was 85% recovered – 12 months later I became Lyme-FREE!

Thank you, Gary and ACT for giving me my life back! I have the whole chapter on ACT and how it works in my book, “Katrina’s Recovery from Mysterious Disease,” as well as my REAL chart with my symptoms to show how the numbers were going down over time.

I hope ACT will help you as it helped me!” – Katrina Starzhynskaya

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“My precious son got the best Christmas present ever on December 23. He was accepted into St. George’s University Veterinary School, his lifelong dream. Winfield’s dream took a detour when he contracted Lyme disease at the age of 10. First we were told all the usual blah-blah by the mainstream docs. He was crazy, I was crazy, it was a mystery virus, he did not want to go to school because he did not want to go poo-poo in a public place (can you believe that one?) and complete denial of Lyme. After six months we found a Lyme specialist who gave him massive amounts of IV antibiotics and other drugs of all descriptions. Winfield was in a wheelchair and could not attend school. After two years we ditched the drugs and went the natural route and he was able to attend high school and go on to college to study chemical engineering, but life was a struggle as he was still having significant lingering symptoms of Lyme disease.

In his senior of college we found Gary Blier and Advanced Cell Training on You Tube. Gary happened to answer the phone at the office when I called and I had the best feeling about him. After some months of ACT Winfield decided he was ready both physically and mentally for the rigors of vet school.

The best thing about ACT is that it is a pleasant and interesting process. I just can’t say enough about how nice Gary is and his staff is amazing. The whole experience has been 100% positive. Thank you, Gary for helping my son! Please, please, if you are considering ACT, I beg you to try it. There is a money back guarantee and you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!” – Ginny Waters

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“In 2010, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I had uncontrollable shaking, body tremors, jerking of limbs, electrical shock feeling inside my body, visual disturbances, shaking vision, flashes of light in my eyes, depression, anxiety, facial pain, and more. I was on IV antibiotics, but nothing seemed to get better, just worse and worse! It even started to affect my skin and tissues. I just grew more scared and had less hope to live. As I sat there watching my health fade, my career as a teacher was taken from me, and my relationship with my husband began to fall apart. I desperately needed help to care for my newborn twin boys. I was angry, bitter, depressed and scared out of my mind. I wasn’t ready to die!

Then I found ACT – The miracle from God that saved my life and got me back on track. I joined Lyme class #47 in September of 2011. The first 6 weeks were tough, but I got through the constant up and down roller coaster ride. ACT allowed me to have Hope and life again! I was amazed that after I stopped all antibiotics, I still continued to get better and better! It was remarkable how this process was working! I tracked my progressed each day and reported my gains to ACT each week. On a scale of 1 – 10, some symptoms were at 10 when I started, but now most have gone down to 0. The horrible facial pain is gone, the trembling stopped, the fatigue went away and my energy is back into full gear! Which I desperately needed, having 14-month-old twin boys on the run! My depression and fear faded away slowly and was replaced with hope.

ACT doesn’t work overnight; it is a process of 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. There were times I was so scared, but the staff at ACT was there to comfort me as I was part of the family! They will do anything they can to assist you in the healing process. I owe them my life, which I now have back! It has taken me only 7 months to get 80% better! After 2½ months I was back to work full-time as a school teacher. I am also working out again – looking to race a 5K in the near future. I am happy, full of life again, and have my sparkle back! I have full trust in God and have become a much stronger person from having Lyme disease. Thank you ACT for helping me get my life back. Now, my boys have a healthy mom and my husband has his wife back!” – Heather Simmons

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“Four years ago today, on October 29, 2009, I went to sleep planning my business, med school. French lesson, and what outfit to wear the next day. Little did I know that was my last time I would care about a French lesson or outfit…I woke up with a “mysterious disease” where half of my face was paralyzed, half of my body was numb, I was in horrible pain.

That day my long journey began. I have seen dozens of MD’s who just told me that nothing was wrong with me. Besides physical pain, fatigue, and brain fog, I developed cognitive symptoms. According to the doctors, it was still “all in my head.”

Lyme Disease cost me close to $200,000. I lost my business, my home, my friends, and my life. I would wake up in the middle of the night, EVERY NIGHT, to check if my face was paralyzed again… That was the scariest and loneliness experience that lasted over 2 years.

I have fired my doctor, actually almost 50 of them, after they labeled me “incurable” and I took full responsibility for my life. I used my last ounce of willpower, faith, hard work and perseverance to prove them they were wrong.

Today I am healthier that 95% of Americans and I want to tell you, HEALTH IS THE # 1 TREASURE YOU POSSESS! Don’t take it for granted!

Thank you, Gary Blier and Advanced Cell Training for all you have done for me!” – Katrina Starzhynskaya

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Anyone struggling with Lyme Disease should strongly consider the Advanced Cell Training program. It truly is amazing! Last spring when I had my picc line, lying in bed getting more and more ill with each antibiotic, I was making funeral plans. Decided I wanted to be buried next to my son in law that we just lost about a 1 1/2 ago. He’s buried high on a ridge overlooking the mountains and the river. My health was declining rapidly. We removed the picc line the end of May and stopped all of the antibiotics which I had taken just short of a year. Just within in months I was feeling a little better, no longer declining. I was still seeing my homeopath, Dottie, which has been with me from the very beginning warning me of all the damage of long term antibiotics but she stuck with me and is the first reason I’m still here. 

Then along came Advanced Cell Training (ACT). I learned about it right here in Ardmore, Oklahoma from the Hogan family. I consider them tenacious pioneers in the quest for regaining their daughter Rachel’s health. What didn’t work for Rachel, didn’t work for me either. I got signed up with ACT and began my class in September and it has changed my life! I now have even more hope and I have seen more rapid improvements in my health that has been amazing! When you have Lyme you must have hope. The support of the ACT staff and the other class participants are so inspiring. The bottom the line is…. It works! I beg you to please, please consider it if you really want to get your life back. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain! To all my peeps at Advanced Cell Training….THANK YOU! I continue looking forward to great health.” – Terri Cox Spells (Lyme Class #62)

“For any of you thinking about starting ACT, or those who are skeptical about this program, please read my testimony. Thirteen months ago I started ACT when I was so sick and bedridden with Chronic Lyme Disease. I had been sick for about 20 years., very ill for 11 of those years, and bedridden for 1 year. At first, mt healing with ACT was very slow. I called them “baby steps.” I was able to sit up in bed for 5 minutes at a time without my heart racing, this was a milestone for me. Then, I could walk to the couch and sit there for a few minutes. Each and every week I had noticeable improvements., though they seemed small to others, to me it was progress. I knew that ACT was doing something and the training codes were helping my body to heal itself.

Gary asked me in class why I stuck with ACT. I feel like a could write a book on why. I had no idea ACT would give me the blessing I have today. Here i am, now thirteen months later, and I am 80% out of bed. I am able to go grocery shopping, and I even took my son to a birthday party yesterday. I am happy to be able to do laundry, cook dinner, clean my house, and care for myself. I am so happy I can shower without having to go straight to bed from exhaustion. I have so much to be thankful for. The biggest I received from doing ACT is that I am free from the anger I held in my heart for so many years. My depression is lifting for the first time in my entire life. I am now looking forward to total physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

Thank you so much Gary and ACT for everything you have done to help me and my family! I thank God everyday for helping me find ACT in my search for healing. My husband and I used to fight almost every day. Tonight he said to me, “I am so proud to call you my wife.” – Brenda Goldstein

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